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What is the difference between plastering and drywall?

Plastering is a higher quality finish that increases the value of ones home and adds fire-proofing and sound-proofing to your home. Plastering is performed over all blue boarded surfaces whereas drywall is only completed over the seams and is mostly used for commercial application. Also, plastering completed more quickly than drywall as drywall requires three coats of compounding with sanding in between coats.

Can Painted Surfaces be plastered over?

There is a special bonding agent that in some cases, can be painted over, but I recommend installing blue board over the existing surface and then plastering the surface as I cannot guarantee that the plaster won't fall off of the surface that has been bonded.

Can you plaster over horsehair plaster?

You cannot plaster over horsehair plaster. The horsehair must be taken down completely or you must install new blue board over the existing surface before plastering it.

When can I paint my plastered surfaces?

Painting can be done any where from three to five days after the plastering is done. You will notice the plaster changes color from the dark color you first see to a lighter, almost white color which indicates that it is dry and you can now paint. Choose a paint with a primer built into it.

Can I plaster over a water damaged surface?

It will depend upon the extent of the damage. The repair will involve complete replacement of the damaged surface unless the plaster has a base coat finish under it. Sometimes the water may get trapped between the base coat and plaster coat and the plaster may loosen up and then if that is the case, the plaster can be chipped off and repaired. But, if it is a single coat of plaster that is damaged, then the damage must be cut out and replaced entirely.

Should I use green board in my bathroom for moisture purposes?

If tile is going to be installed or if there will be exposure to water, green board should be used instead of blue board.

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